What to Wear: Steampunk Boudoir

We have had a few requests on whether we can help someone give sexy photos to their husband or partner, but with a fantastic, fantasy or steampunk theme.  So I was very excited when I saw this latest suggestion for what to wear to your boudoir photography session.  Oh, and the answer to the question is that we can theme a boudoir session for anyone’s favorite theme.

Stunning Steampunk


What to Wear: Football Boudoir

Bad Wolf Boudoir has recently acquired the ability to share some professionally designed lingerie and costume suggestions for our clients.  So look for these weekly going forward and use them as a starting point in your ideas of what to wear.  For example, I might start with some of these ideas, but then go here for a pair of Houston Texans panties or fitted JJ Watt jersey.  As always, please feel free to talk over any wardrobe ideas during your pre-session consultation with us.

Gorgeous On Gameday


Tushie Tuesday #2

Another week, and another detail shot from another session – this time with the beautiful Miss A.

When I shot the detail shots for our albums or folio box collections, I tend to resort to the basics of shape and shadow – things i learned years ago when I first started in photography.  In this case, it is almost a puzzle what exactly we see, until we look more closely – it is just a shape until we start putting together the clues in the lace she is wearing.

May your Tushie Tuesday be filled with many surprises as well!


Tushie Tuesday #1

Being the fine and upstanding Internet Netizens that we are, we are glad to reveal our first Tushie Tuesday post.

In this case, we started asking about our client’s favorite body parts as a part of the pre-shoot consultation that we do before we photograph a boudoir session.  In this case, Miss S. said that her bum was one of her best features, and so we made a point to get some additional detail images that we use when we make an album for our clients to give to their partner or husband.  She was gracious enough o sign a model release and so we can share her images with you, in this case to start our Tushie Tuesday series.