What “Fantasy Football” Really Means

Sitting in the studio tonight, watching a little football, and as we pull into the lead my beautiful bride turned to me and suggested Bad Wolf should celebrate by helping our friends and fans show their partners what “Fantasy Football” really means. So here’s the deal….

Fantasy Football Boudoir

Come into the studio for a one-hour session, we’ll include hair and makeup, shoot two looks so you can get a little sporty and maybe something else, we’ll professionally retouch your images and include a two-image 8×10 silk folio (perfect for the bedside table) all for $495. So reach out and let’s plan something special that you are sure to enjoy! We’ll honor this price through September 30, 2016.

Lingerie For Every Body

How to Flatter Your Body Type

Every woman’s body is shaped differently. There are many different body types, and certain lingerie can accentuate every body type. At Bad Wolf Boudoir, we want you to feel sexy and comfortable. These suggestions will help you with lingerie shopping so you can find something that is sexy, mind-blowing, and flattering just for you.

Miss T in Lingerie on the Chaise in our Houston Boudoir Photography Studio
Slim and/or Athletic

A classic bra and panty sets will work wonderfully. Sets come in a variety of styles – mesh, push up, lace, and more. Try them all out and see what you like the best or is most comfortable for you. Want to accentuate your butt for a fuller, curvier look? We suggest going for a sexy pair of boy shorts or full bottomed panties.


If you have a smaller, petite body type, try out some ruffles! We also like lace and underwire, but ruffles are our favorite. Having layers of ruffles around your chest will add volume and underwire will give you a lift to accentuate your chest.

Curvy and Hourglass

Corsets! If there’s one thing we love the most, it’s corsets. They will push up the girls and make them look full and perky. Corsets also tighten your waist in, which creates sexy curves or enhance the ones you have. Boy shorts are also a great option for a curvy booty. Teddys and lace nighties that end at mid-thigh are very sexy as well.

A Few Extra Tips

When wearing lingerie, the purpose is to accentuate your best assets and camouflage the areas you don’t love as much.We suggest you focus on the part of your body that you like or feel is your best asset, and wear items that flaunt that area of the body.
If your bust is small: Layered ruffles around the chest will add volume. Anything with underwire will give the girls a lift, and halter styles pull the bust up and in, creating more cleavage.
If your bust is big: Go for a plunging neckline or a bandeau. Anything with a lace trim on the neckline will also accentuate your bust.
If you’d like to disguise a big booty: Go with boy shorts. Seriously, they’re amazing for every body type. If you have any body type, you should wear boy shorts.
If you’re trying to narrow hips and thighs: Anything sheer that mid-thigh long will work. Also, silk robes are perfect because you can cinch them at the waist.
If you’re fighting the dreaded muffin top: Corsets can take a few inches off your waist. and slim down the tummy. They are your best bet. Baby doll camisoles, or tunic-style tank tops and shirts will help slim the waistline.

Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable and sexy. Different styles of lingerie will look better on different body types. We suggest taking someone to the dressing room with you so you can get a better opinion. Still need help trying to figure out what to wear? Give us a call, or shoot us an email! We’re a husband and wife team, determined to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous.

Pampering Before Your Session

You’ve booked a session with Bad Wolf Boudoir, now what?
Preparing for your boudoir session with us may seem intimidating at first. You might have racing thoughts going through your mind: which shoes to bring, what to wear, how to style your hair, if or when you should get waxed, etc.

Bad Wolf Boudoir is a husband and wife team in Houston, skilled and knowledgeable in preparing you for your session. Once you’re in our studio, or on site if you prefer a different location, we will go through your wardrobe selection and help you choose what will look best for each set we’ll be using. We work with top notch makeup and hair artists, who have worked with Playboy International and other publications. In the care of one of our hair and makeup artists, your hair will be styled to look amazing and makeup will be applied to perfection.

There are a few things you can do prior to arriving at the shoot that can help you prepare mentally and physically. Some of these tasks you can do at home or make it a girl’s night. Some tasks you may decide to make a day of and schedule appointments with your spa or salon. Need recommendations for salons or spas? We’ve got you covered!


Here are some fun things to pamper yourself with:

Get a mani & pedi
It’s probable that your feet and hands will be in your pictures so treat yourself to a relaxing manicure and pedicure to pamper those nails. You can choose to go with a classic french manicure with white tips or play your nails up with some color that coordinates with colors in your boudoir wardrobe. If you you have a variety of wardrobe items, we suggest a neutral color such as a pale pink or nude.

Get a massage
Any tension you’re holding in your body and muscles may show during your photo shoot. If you feel tense before your session and want relax so you can let your sexy out, we suggest getting a gentle massage. Book an appointment at the spa or ask your sweetie to participate at home.

Touch up your roots
There’s nothing worse than looking at your final images and noticing your roots don’t match the body of your hair. You can buy a box of hair dye to touch up your roots at home, or make an appointment with your hair stylist to get your roots taken care of. That said, right before a photography shoot isn’t exactly the time to try a new color for the first time either, so stick to what you know works for you.

Moisturize for a healthy glow
A super simple, inexpensive, and natural way achieve a nice healthy glow is by moisturizing. Several days before your photo shoot, we suggest to take some extra time after you shower or before bed to apply a moisturizer or body butter. If you like to tan, limit your last tanning session to a week before your shoot. Your skin will need to time recuperate from the UV exposure and you should apply moisturizer regularly.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Our bodies love water. Water helps give your skin a glow in addition to moisturizing it. Water can also help any dark circles under your eyes. Make sure you’ get a good amount of water each day to help your skin stay soft and healthy. You will be sure to look revitalized and fresh for your photoshoot.

What to Wear: 14 Karat Gold

This may be the perfect outfit for someone with Autumn skin tones.  I hear people with Spring skin tones can also get by with gold, but either way, if you are looking for a way to catch the eye of your partner or establish a captivating look for an upcoming boudoir photography session, this might be a perfect look for you.


14 Karat Gold

Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography

Change is beautiful

Did you know that maternity boudoir is a unique spin off of typical boudoir? Boudoir is not just for women or couples that aren’t pregnant, it’s for everyone and every body, regardless of shape. Every woman’s body is different and a pregnant woman’s body is a special kind of beauty. It represents change, beauty and. love. Most of all, it represents life — new life and how it changes other lives. There is no better time to embrace femininity and the ability as a woman to create new life. Couples maternity boudoir is also a great way to document change and life.

 Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography

So, what should you wear to a maternity boudoir photo shoot? First and foremost, just like any other boudoir session, you want to wear something that makes you feel sexy and attractive. A few items that work well for showing off and embracing your baby bump would be:

  • lace bandeau bras

  • a maxi skirt or any flowy skirt

  • fitted little black dress

  • off-the-shoulder sweater

  • bra and panty sets

  • silk robe

  • plain tank top and boy shorts

  • button up cardigan

  • lace teddy

  • your birthday suit

The setting of your photo shoot is also an important element of boudoir. By the time you’re showing enough for maternity boudoir, you may want to pick a more comfortable setting. Bad Wolf Boudoir works with several local bed and breakfasts in the Houston area, or we can come to you. We also have a studio downtown.

Regardless of location or what you choose to wear, you will love that you chose to have maternity boudoir photos taken with Bad Wolf Boudoir to record such a special and beautiful time in your life.


Houston Boudoir Photography Honored

Today, Bad Wolf Boudoir received news of another honor by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) with the selection of our recent image as an “AIBP Choice Image” for the Association.

houston boudoir photography honored image

Bad Wolf became active in the AIBP last year and appreciates the opportunities to compete against hundreds of the finest boudoir photographers in the world, while at the same time working together to raise the standards for artistic and sensual photography.  This silhouette image comes from one of our couples boudoir sessions where women and their partners can explore and experience intimate portraiture together.

To see the other AIBP Choice images, please click here.  To see our image that was honored last year, please select here.

Décolletage Bodyscape

The décolletage is the upper portion of a woman’s torso, and often includes the neck, shoulders and back or chest.  It is that portion that is exposed by the neckline of a woman’s clothing – and is uniquely feminine.

Décolletage bodyscape by BAd Wolf Boudoir - Houston, TX

The décolletage bodyscape is a provocative image that is available regardless of modesty – this image for instance from Miss A’s session was shot with her still in the robe and just taking it off the shoulders.  This image can be made either with a ‘wet look’ as above, or with dry skin as in this image from the same session.

Décolletage photo by Bad Wolf Boudoir in Houston, TXWhen scheduling your boudoir session and discussing it with your photographer, mention if you would like to add this image.  Please feel free to add these images to your Pinterest board for your pre-session meetings, or just let us know if you are working with us in Houston, TX.


Houston Boudoir Photographer’s Image Recognized by AIBP

We are very proud and pleased to have been notified that one of Bad Wolf Boudoir’s images was selected today by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) for their ‘Today’s Choice’ image.  We are honored that we could bring this international photography recognition back home to the Houston area.

Houston Boudoir Photographer's Work Recognized Internationally

This quote from the AIBP vision statement explains some of the pride we feel.  Special thanks to Miss A for allowing us to share her images.
The Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) seeks to unite professional boudoir photographers globally, to share in common interests from the beauty, art, technique and business aspects of the industry. We hope to create depth and breadth, in a worldwide community of boudoir photographers through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase industry awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and competitive edge with the support of their peers.

What to Wear: Grecian Goddess

Looking for something truly divine to wear for your upcoming boudoir photography session?  Give your partner a gift that will inspire them to worship you in this new wardrobe suggestion from the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.  Asl always, it includes ideas for those who wish to be daring or those who wish to be modest in the session.


Grecian Goddess


Tushie Tuesday #4

Happy Tushie Tuesday, everyone!  This time we have an image with Miss J who stopped in Houston for this boudoir photography session and for some work on elegant bodyscapes.  Look for some more of her on our site soon!