Pampering Before Your Session

You’ve booked a session with Bad Wolf Boudoir, now what?
Preparing for your boudoir session with us may seem intimidating at first. You might have racing thoughts going through your mind: which shoes to bring, what to wear, how to style your hair, if or when you should get waxed, etc.

Bad Wolf Boudoir is a husband and wife team in Houston, skilled and knowledgeable in preparing you for your session. Once you’re in our studio, or on site if you prefer a different location, we will go through your wardrobe selection and help you choose what will look best for each set we’ll be using. We work with top notch makeup and hair artists, who have worked with Playboy International and other publications. In the care of one of our hair and makeup artists, your hair will be styled to look amazing and makeup will be applied to perfection.

There are a few things you can do prior to arriving at the shoot that can help you prepare mentally and physically. Some of these tasks you can do at home or make it a girl’s night. Some tasks you may decide to make a day of and schedule appointments with your spa or salon. Need recommendations for salons or spas? We’ve got you covered!


Here are some fun things to pamper yourself with:

Get a mani & pedi
It’s probable that your feet and hands will be in your pictures so treat yourself to a relaxing manicure and pedicure to pamper those nails. You can choose to go with a classic french manicure with white tips or play your nails up with some color that coordinates with colors in your boudoir wardrobe. If you you have a variety of wardrobe items, we suggest a neutral color such as a pale pink or nude.

Get a massage
Any tension you’re holding in your body and muscles may show during your photo shoot. If you feel tense before your session and want relax so you can let your sexy out, we suggest getting a gentle massage. Book an appointment at the spa or ask your sweetie to participate at home.

Touch up your roots
There’s nothing worse than looking at your final images and noticing your roots don’t match the body of your hair. You can buy a box of hair dye to touch up your roots at home, or make an appointment with your hair stylist to get your roots taken care of. That said, right before a photography shoot isn’t exactly the time to try a new color for the first time either, so stick to what you know works for you.

Moisturize for a healthy glow
A super simple, inexpensive, and natural way achieve a nice healthy glow is by moisturizing. Several days before your photo shoot, we suggest to take some extra time after you shower or before bed to apply a moisturizer or body butter. If you like to tan, limit your last tanning session to a week before your shoot. Your skin will need to time recuperate from the UV exposure and you should apply moisturizer regularly.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Our bodies love water. Water helps give your skin a glow in addition to moisturizing it. Water can also help any dark circles under your eyes. Make sure you’ get a good amount of water each day to help your skin stay soft and healthy. You will be sure to look revitalized and fresh for your photoshoot.

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