Lingerie For Every Body

How to Flatter Your Body Type

Every woman’s body is shaped differently. There are many different body types, and certain lingerie can accentuate every body type. At Bad Wolf Boudoir, we want you to feel sexy and comfortable. These suggestions will help you with lingerie shopping so you can find something that is sexy, mind-blowing, and flattering just for you.

Miss T in Lingerie on the Chaise in our Houston Boudoir Photography Studio
Slim and/or Athletic

A classic bra and panty sets will work wonderfully. Sets come in a variety of styles – mesh, push up, lace, and more. Try them all out and see what you like the best or is most comfortable for you. Want to accentuate your butt for a fuller, curvier look? We suggest going for a sexy pair of boy shorts or full bottomed panties.


If you have a smaller, petite body type, try out some ruffles! We also like lace and underwire, but ruffles are our favorite. Having layers of ruffles around your chest will add volume and underwire will give you a lift to accentuate your chest.

Curvy and Hourglass

Corsets! If there’s one thing we love the most, it’s corsets. They will push up the girls and make them look full and perky. Corsets also tighten your waist in, which creates sexy curves or enhance the ones you have. Boy shorts are also a great option for a curvy booty. Teddys and lace nighties that end at mid-thigh are very sexy as well.

A Few Extra Tips

When wearing lingerie, the purpose is to accentuate your best assets and camouflage the areas you don’t love as much.We suggest you focus on the part of your body that you like or feel is your best asset, and wear items that flaunt that area of the body.
If your bust is small: Layered ruffles around the chest will add volume. Anything with underwire will give the girls a lift, and halter styles pull the bust up and in, creating more cleavage.
If your bust is big: Go for a plunging neckline or a bandeau. Anything with a lace trim on the neckline will also accentuate your bust.
If you’d like to disguise a big booty: Go with boy shorts. Seriously, they’re amazing for every body type. If you have any body type, you should wear boy shorts.
If you’re trying to narrow hips and thighs: Anything sheer that mid-thigh long will work. Also, silk robes are perfect because you can cinch them at the waist.
If you’re fighting the dreaded muffin top: Corsets can take a few inches off your waist. and slim down the tummy. They are your best bet. Baby doll camisoles, or tunic-style tank tops and shirts will help slim the waistline.

Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable and sexy. Different styles of lingerie will look better on different body types. We suggest taking someone to the dressing room with you so you can get a better opinion. Still need help trying to figure out what to wear? Give us a call, or shoot us an email! We’re a husband and wife team, determined to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous.

Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography

Change is beautiful

Did you know that maternity boudoir is a unique spin off of typical boudoir? Boudoir is not just for women or couples that aren’t pregnant, it’s for everyone and every body, regardless of shape. Every woman’s body is different and a pregnant woman’s body is a special kind of beauty. It represents change, beauty and. love. Most of all, it represents life — new life and how it changes other lives. There is no better time to embrace femininity and the ability as a woman to create new life. Couples maternity boudoir is also a great way to document change and life.

 Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography

So, what should you wear to a maternity boudoir photo shoot? First and foremost, just like any other boudoir session, you want to wear something that makes you feel sexy and attractive. A few items that work well for showing off and embracing your baby bump would be:

  • lace bandeau bras

  • a maxi skirt or any flowy skirt

  • fitted little black dress

  • off-the-shoulder sweater

  • bra and panty sets

  • silk robe

  • plain tank top and boy shorts

  • button up cardigan

  • lace teddy

  • your birthday suit

The setting of your photo shoot is also an important element of boudoir. By the time you’re showing enough for maternity boudoir, you may want to pick a more comfortable setting. Bad Wolf Boudoir works with several local bed and breakfasts in the Houston area, or we can come to you. We also have a studio downtown.

Regardless of location or what you choose to wear, you will love that you chose to have maternity boudoir photos taken with Bad Wolf Boudoir to record such a special and beautiful time in your life.


What to Wear: Grecian Goddess

Looking for something truly divine to wear for your upcoming boudoir photography session?  Give your partner a gift that will inspire them to worship you in this new wardrobe suggestion from the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.  Asl always, it includes ideas for those who wish to be daring or those who wish to be modest in the session.


Grecian Goddess


What to Wear: Steampunk Boudoir

We have had a few requests on whether we can help someone give sexy photos to their husband or partner, but with a fantastic, fantasy or steampunk theme.  So I was very excited when I saw this latest suggestion for what to wear to your boudoir photography session.  Oh, and the answer to the question is that we can theme a boudoir session for anyone’s favorite theme.

Stunning Steampunk


What to Wear: Football Boudoir

Bad Wolf Boudoir has recently acquired the ability to share some professionally designed lingerie and costume suggestions for our clients.  So look for these weekly going forward and use them as a starting point in your ideas of what to wear.  For example, I might start with some of these ideas, but then go here for a pair of Houston Texans panties or fitted JJ Watt jersey.  As always, please feel free to talk over any wardrobe ideas during your pre-session consultation with us.

Gorgeous On Gameday