What “Fantasy Football” Really Means

Sitting in the studio tonight, watching a little football, and as we pull into the lead my beautiful bride turned to me and suggested Bad Wolf should celebrate by helping our friends and fans show their partners what “Fantasy Football” really means. So here’s the deal….

Fantasy Football Boudoir

Come into the studio for a one-hour session, we’ll include hair and makeup, shoot two looks so you can get a little sporty and maybe something else, we’ll professionally retouch your images and include a two-image 8×10 silk folio (perfect for the bedside table) all for $495. So reach out and let’s plan something special that you are sure to enjoy! We’ll honor this price through September 30, 2016.

What to Wear: 14 Karat Gold

This may be the perfect outfit for someone with Autumn skin tones.  I hear people with Spring skin tones can also get by with gold, but either way, if you are looking for a way to catch the eye of your partner or establish a captivating look for an upcoming boudoir photography session, this might be a perfect look for you.


14 Karat Gold

Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography

Change is beautiful

Did you know that maternity boudoir is a unique spin off of typical boudoir? Boudoir is not just for women or couples that aren’t pregnant, it’s for everyone and every body, regardless of shape. Every woman’s body is different and a pregnant woman’s body is a special kind of beauty. It represents change, beauty and. love. Most of all, it represents life — new life and how it changes other lives. There is no better time to embrace femininity and the ability as a woman to create new life. Couples maternity boudoir is also a great way to document change and life.

 Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography

So, what should you wear to a maternity boudoir photo shoot? First and foremost, just like any other boudoir session, you want to wear something that makes you feel sexy and attractive. A few items that work well for showing off and embracing your baby bump would be:

  • lace bandeau bras

  • a maxi skirt or any flowy skirt

  • fitted little black dress

  • off-the-shoulder sweater

  • bra and panty sets

  • silk robe

  • plain tank top and boy shorts

  • button up cardigan

  • lace teddy

  • your birthday suit

The setting of your photo shoot is also an important element of boudoir. By the time you’re showing enough for maternity boudoir, you may want to pick a more comfortable setting. Bad Wolf Boudoir works with several local bed and breakfasts in the Houston area, or we can come to you. We also have a studio downtown.

Regardless of location or what you choose to wear, you will love that you chose to have maternity boudoir photos taken with Bad Wolf Boudoir to record such a special and beautiful time in your life.


Décolletage Bodyscape

The décolletage is the upper portion of a woman’s torso, and often includes the neck, shoulders and back or chest.  It is that portion that is exposed by the neckline of a woman’s clothing – and is uniquely feminine.

Décolletage bodyscape by BAd Wolf Boudoir - Houston, TX

The décolletage bodyscape is a provocative image that is available regardless of modesty – this image for instance from Miss A’s session was shot with her still in the robe and just taking it off the shoulders.  This image can be made either with a ‘wet look’ as above, or with dry skin as in this image from the same session.

Décolletage photo by Bad Wolf Boudoir in Houston, TXWhen scheduling your boudoir session and discussing it with your photographer, mention if you would like to add this image.  Please feel free to add these images to your Pinterest board for your pre-session meetings, or just let us know if you are working with us in Houston, TX.


Houston Boudoir Photographer’s Image Recognized by AIBP

We are very proud and pleased to have been notified that one of Bad Wolf Boudoir’s images was selected today by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) for their ‘Today’s Choice’ image.  We are honored that we could bring this international photography recognition back home to the Houston area.

Houston Boudoir Photographer's Work Recognized Internationally

This quote from the AIBP vision statement explains some of the pride we feel.  Special thanks to Miss A for allowing us to share her images.
The Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP) seeks to unite professional boudoir photographers globally, to share in common interests from the beauty, art, technique and business aspects of the industry. We hope to create depth and breadth, in a worldwide community of boudoir photographers through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase industry awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and competitive edge with the support of their peers.

How to Build Your Boudoir: Step 2

Welcome back.  In  How to Build Your Boudoir – Step 1 you chose your space, made room for your special things and measured the space so you don’t overfill it or buy something that won’t fit.  Next let’s talk about how to actually put together your unique design.

Start by going hunting through your own home.  Take a walk through your house collecting those things you own that give you a decadent feeling.  Don’t worry about what they are or if they will work with your finished design.  Look for things like that little clock you picked up at the garage sale across the street just because you loved it or the glass figurine someone gave you that always made you feel special, that unusual piece of your grandmother’s jewelry and your favorite throw pillow.  Come on, you get the idea, now go collect them.

Some of Red's favorite things used to design her boudoir space.

Some of Red’s favorite things used to design her personal boudoir space.

So how did you do?  Are you already feeling a bit glamorous surrounded by your favorite things?  Take a look at them.  Is there a common theme, color, or idea?  Is there one item that speaks to you more than the others?  Is there a color you absolutely love more than the others mixed in there?  Now write down the words that come to mind when you look at your things.  Just simple words.  For example with my collection you see here my words are: blue, gold, cats, pigs, earth, stone, classic, & comfortable.  You can use those words to choose your theme and color scheme.  My design would include the three words, blue, cats & stone.  But don’t stop there with your design.  Here comes the fun part.

Grab yourself a beverage.  Yep, a beverage, a glass of wine, a cup of tea, whatever it is that helps you relax and makes you comfortable.  Open another tab in your browser and search for more ideas.  Look at bathroom and bedroom designs with your color or style or theme.  Create a Pinterest board or a word file or just pin your favorite images to your desktop.  Take it all in.  Are you having a hard time deciding where to start?  Take a look at the Bad Wolf Boudoir Pinterest board I created to help inspire you, and while you’re doing that I’ll prepare Part 3.

How to Build Your Boudoir: Step 1

Do you have a space in your home that is all your own?  A place where you feel warm and welcome and beautiful?  An intimate space where you can focus on yourself and prepare yourself for the world?  If not, let’s talk about how simple it can be to create this kind of space for you.  And believe me; you will love having it once it’s done.

A ladies boudoir was historically a private suite used for bathing and dressing.  An intimate space where she could take a moment to focus on herself in an environment designed to make her feel special.  So let’s talk about how to begin designing this space for you.

The first step would be to choose your space.  Ideally it would be a separate room with private bathroom access but since that is not always possible now a days, take a new look at the arrangement of your bedroom and see if you can free up a corner or even reevaluate weather you really need all that stuff you have shoved into the second walk in closet that you dare not venture into.

Measure Your SpaceNow grab a measuring tape.  Have you ever used one?  Here’s a great how to guide on wiki how.

Draw a quick layout of the space and write in the measurements for each line of available space you have.  “Measure twice cut once.”  Always double check your measurements.  Better to take an extra couple minutes measuring than to not be able to fit all your stuff in your new space.  Now go clear out the space, get your measurements and check back in with me soon when we’ll talk about the next step in designing this space just for you in How to Build Your Boudoir – Step 2.